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Fashion handmade jewelry

Fashion handmade jewelry always has its characteristic uniqueness that is particular of any handmade thing. No two pieces of handmade jewelry are the same as a matter of fact. They are perfectly natural and come in great variety of colors and designs. They have a charming freshness about them. Handmade beaded jewelry has now become a full-fledged industry wherein the brands have plunged to carve a niche. So it's time to get your beads out and start making your own beaded jewelry. Beautiful it is something one can never have enough; well, I am sure most women would agree with me on this point.
If you enjoy wearing jewelry as much as I do, I am sure you must be having enough to start off your own jewelry shop by now! I love going through boutiques for designer jewelry and scrounging around in markets for unique jewelry pieces as well. The markets can have loads of designs in store for you and if you lucky enough, with some amount of haggling, you can be the proud owner of some unique jewelry without really spending too much! But there is one area that I have explored and that is wearing unique handmade jewelry. Such handmade jewelry is a great option as it is easy on the pocket and you can create stunning pieces of jewelry by exercising your mind! Wearing unique handmade jewelry gives one the satisfaction of earing an exclusive piece! This can also make a very stylish and personalized gift as well.
You must note that there are three basic techniques when you are dealing with unique handmade jewelry. The first is where you string the beads; the kind of string you use will depend upon what you are planning to design. To keep a distance between the beads, one can make the use of knots or crimps. Wire is also used to make unique kind of jewelry. Here, beads are used in combination to create snazzy designs.India is a place of different kinds of jewelry or jewellery from very long days. We get the reference from different history books, that people love to use jewelry as fashion on old days in India. Men and women both use jewelry or Pearl Earrings as part of fashion like necklaces, bangles, armlets etc. made of gold and other precious metals.So Indian history of Jewelry is very long. On old days people mainly use jewelry made of Gold, silver, platinum, diamond etc.
That time people don't know artificial jewelry or imitation jewelry/jewellery. Now a days imitation or fashion jewelry becomes more popular than orginal earrings for women cheap.Bindis are dots traditionally worn by women in India to decorate their faces. Bindi is arguably the most visually fascinating in all form of body decoration. Hindus wear a tilak (a red dot by women and an elongated dot by men) on their foreheads, between the two eyes. This point is known by various names such as Ajna chakra, Spiritual eye,Third eye and was said to be the major nerve in the human body, in ancient times.

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