Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fashion handmade jewelry

Fashion handmade jewelry always has its characteristic uniqueness that is particular of any handmade thing. No two pieces of handmade jewelry are the same as a matter of fact. They are perfectly natural and come in great variety of colors and designs. They have a charming freshness about them. Handmade beaded jewelry has now become a full-fledged industry wherein the brands have plunged to carve a niche. So it's time to get your beads out and start making your own beaded jewelry. Beautiful it is something one can never have enough; well, I am sure most women would agree with me on this point.
If you enjoy wearing jewelry as much as I do, I am sure you must be having enough to start off your own jewelry shop by now! I love going through boutiques for designer jewelry and scrounging around in markets for unique jewelry pieces as well. The markets can have loads of designs in store for you and if you lucky enough, with some amount of haggling, you can be the proud owner of some unique jewelry without really spending too much! But there is one area that I have explored and that is wearing unique handmade jewelry. Such handmade jewelry is a great option as it is easy on the pocket and you can create stunning pieces of jewelry by exercising your mind! Wearing unique handmade jewelry gives one the satisfaction of earing an exclusive piece! This can also make a very stylish and personalized gift as well.
You must note that there are three basic techniques when you are dealing with unique handmade jewelry. The first is where you string the beads; the kind of string you use will depend upon what you are planning to design. To keep a distance between the beads, one can make the use of knots or crimps. Wire is also used to make unique kind of jewelry. Here, beads are used in combination to create snazzy designs.India is a place of different kinds of jewelry or jewellery from very long days. We get the reference from different history books, that people love to use jewelry as fashion on old days in India. Men and women both use jewelry or Pearl Earrings as part of fashion like necklaces, bangles, armlets etc. made of gold and other precious metals.So Indian history of Jewelry is very long. On old days people mainly use jewelry made of Gold, silver, platinum, diamond etc.
That time people don't know artificial jewelry or imitation jewelry/jewellery. Now a days imitation or fashion jewelry becomes more popular than orginal earrings for women cheap.Bindis are dots traditionally worn by women in India to decorate their faces. Bindi is arguably the most visually fascinating in all form of body decoration. Hindus wear a tilak (a red dot by women and an elongated dot by men) on their foreheads, between the two eyes. This point is known by various names such as Ajna chakra, Spiritual eye,Third eye and was said to be the major nerve in the human body, in ancient times.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Within the Fashion Clothes for females.

In regards to the appearance
The right decision: fluctuation body color, cutting the best suit, is a prudent choice. So, the sight all concentrated in an integrated mass suit human body, if colour and lustre can be bright and beautiful much better, who would notice this at both ends of what how to extend along the Fashion Clothes web-site.
If I have to choose different color and tie-in, then look into the lower body, as well as tall waist design, including high waist pants from the design and color, that deal will lengthen that lower body, and improve a hip is significantly the good method of height.
Simple often buttock big with short legs, improve both the methods is to emphasize that torso, but must be just following the waist short jacket, plus design and color, design is beautiful grab a close look, with brunet moderation Manner Clothes, this method will make the line of look become ambiguous, make the length of the leg becomes some sort of mystery.
Not the correct choice:
Clothing paragraph handled as an exaggerated horizontal line, this will make had not the majority of the advantages of the electric power line more weakened.
Along with wear long skirt, target more to down, really bad situation, absolutely not really.
During the spring and also autumn day choose kemp line as well as the circle of induced apparel, in limited length greater again in transverse energy, the consequence is unimaginable.
In relation to shoes:
The right decision:
Choose high heels organic isn't, but design will be simple, do not have dragged the sensation of not moving rapidly enough.
Choose large foundation shoe, but bottom tier with wide to back pull together, asing if may be the extension of the lower-leg. Otherwise, the kind commonly known as "a dwarf le" shoes is often a traitor to the leak, no doubt, in this I'm short, is to be able to remedy idea!
Choose style beautiful, delicate light spirit with the traditional high heels, along with deserve the tights letup, never let leg ministry may be the foreign power in a new bar, rob to demonstrate
Ability to a heavy, can make the man or women change short feeling. Tips on how to solve the problem? Have on short skirts and grid black tights, wear Fashion Garments of some big horn skirt, have on relatively wide shorts, dress yourself in take sidekicks skirt, the article carries a double waist wear lengthy pants, wear many of that plait Fashion Clothes Angle style of dress and wear non colored documents and comparative and intense skirts are was productive method.

by Marjorie ormier

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Men's Fashion - Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

Ensure that your appearance is decent and acceptable by avoiding these fashion blunders.
Men are given a bad rap when it comes to fashion and understandably so.
There are some men that often go out in public looking like they dressed in the dark. If you worry that you might be categorized with these blind dressers, make sure that you avoid the following fashion mistakes.
White Socks with Dark Pants
Nothing looks worse than blinding white socks when you're wearing nice trousers. Unless you want people to stare at your ankles, it is best to match your socks to your trousers.
For example if you are wearing a dark blue suit and brown leather shoes, the best option is dark blue socks.
The next best thing would be neutral brown socks to blend in with the shoes. The whole idea is to minimize attention drawn to your ankles.
Novelty Ties or Clothing
You may be a fan of Star Wars or you may be a festive soul, but you don't have to wear it all over your clothes.
Novelty ties, shirts, and other clothing are the opposite of sophistication. They can be tempting, but if you want to be taken seriously, leave the blinking Christmas reindeer tie at home.
Big Shoes
Clunky shoes are a thing of the past. A decade ago, they may have been acceptable, but today, classic slim shoes work best.
Clothes that Don't Fit
If you follow any fashion rules, this may be the important of them all. Wear clothes that fit! Avoid disgusting everyone by avoiding clothes that are too tight. Also baggy and sagging clothes suggest immaturity and should be avoided unless you are pursuing a career as a rap star.
This also applies to pant length. When wearing jeans it is appropriate to wear them to floor. However, when you are wearing trousers or suit pants, the hem should end at the top of the shoe heel. And unless there is a flood, you should make a strong effort to avoid pants that are too short. A good tailor can ensure that your trousers are cut to the perfect length.
Brand Names
Clothes that showcase the brand name all over the outside are not classy or acceptable unless you are serving as a sponsor. Don't let the clothing companies use you as free advertisement.
Short Sleeve Shirts with a Tie
Unless it is a uniform or you work fast food, avoid wearing a short sleeve button up shirt with a tie. It suggests lack of class and looks silly. Stick to full sleeve button up shirts when wearing a tie.
Too Much Jewelry
Don't wear too much bling. When at the office or on business, one nice watch is sufficient but make sure it is not so gaudy that people can't look at anything else. Save all other rings, necklaces, earrings for after-hours occasions.
Dressing appropriately is critical to success because it is your appearance that gives the first impression. If you avoid these common men's fashion faux pas you will certainly be on the right path to becoming a successful dresser. Before you know it people will be admiring your dress rather than laughing at it.

by Andrew Stratton

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Facts about Fashion: Fashion 101

No matter what season you are in, or what trends are in or out, some fashion rules never change. To spend your money wisely on luxury fashion, make sure the basics of what to wear (and not to wear) are followed with every single item you buy. Trend items can be purchased less expensively, since they may come and go with the wind. However, the items you will probably keep in your closet for many years to come should be where most of your money is invested when fashion is concerned.
Basic Ideas to Keep in Mind
Clothes should be well-fitting. This means purchasing clothes that are not too tight or too loose, and purchasing clothes that fit you as you are now, not when you hope to go down a size or two. If you do end up losing weight, you can always alter your bigger clothes to fit you - but, for now, buy clothes that hug your shape comfortably as you are now for the most flattering look.
Clothes should flatter your figure. No matter how cute an outfit or dress is, it won't make you look cute if it is in an unflattering style for your body type. Experiment with different cuts and styles to find the right patterns for you. For example, if you are a short person, you will want outfits that bring the eyes up when people look at you - this means shirts that come down to your waist (rather than past your bottom), and outfits with pretty necklines that draw the eyes up towards your face. For taller people, cropped pants and capri's work well in balancing out height. Other patterns, including horizontal versus vertical stripes help give the appearance of a taller versus wider appearance. By experimenting with different types of cuts and patterns, you can find the look that works for you - and stay away from those other looks, no matter how cute they may appear to be on the hanger!
Invest most of your money in basic items; clothes that will last a long time. These include blue jeans, black pants, black skirts, a basic black dress - things that you can pair with other items to be more trendy, but that (in their own right) never go out of style. This also includes basic pumps and some purses as well.
Keeping Your Closet Up-to-Date
To be fashionable means you always look your best - even when you just have a couple of minutes to get ready. To accomplish this, organize your closet so that your basic quality items are easy to find and match with the trendy accessories and scarves you may use to spice them up. Get rid of anything you haven't worn in a year and keep a certain color theme developing in your clothes so that you can easily pair them with other items. This way everything you have is complementary and nothing you choose can go wrong. You'll be able to show off your fashion sense with ease!

by Sasha Souther

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Eco Fashion: Fashion With a Conscience


Eco fashion is often believed to be plain, earthy and unattractive. Nothing could be further from the truth as very talented designers are working with innovative materials to create some great and trendy clothes.
What makes eco fashion different from conventional clothes is not their style but the fabrics it uses and the way it is manufactured. In a world of fast, cheap and disposable clothes, eco fashion brings us clothing made from eco textiles under fair trading practices.
Eco Textiles
Eco fashion uses eco textiles such as organic cotton or bamboo. Those fibres are kinder to the environment as they are grown without pesticides and insecticides.
Organic Cotton - Often known as the natural fibre, conventional cotton uses around 9% of the world’s agrochemical pesticides, about 20% of the world’s insecticides and 8% of the world’s chemical fertilizers.
This is because cotton flowers are very prone to attacks from insects which has led conventional cotton growers to using those very high levels of chemicals as well as using GM cotton seeds.
A typical conventional cotton t-shirt uses about 150 grams of acutely toxic pesticides and insecticides.
The high levels of chemicals have disastrous effects on farmers health (such as cancer) and pollute the environment while affecting biodiversity. Chemicals can also enter the food chain as cotton bi-products such as cotton seed oil are used in many processed food.
Organic Cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and insecticides that plagued conventional cotton production.
While yields of organic cotton are generally lower than conventional cotton, organic cotton farmers do not have to buy expensive chemicals or GM crops.
Organic farming helps preserve biodiversity while sustaining a healthy environment for humans.
Bamboo - Bamboo fabric has become increasingly popular over the past decade.
Sustainable and versatile, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and requires no pesticides or fertilizers. It requires little water and can grow in many different climates and terrains.
Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft and has a natural breathability keeps you comfortable and dry for longer. It is also highly absorbent (making it the perfect fabric for bath products such as towel and bathmats). Highly breathable with great thermo control properties it is ideal for sportswear.
Eco fashion is a great choice for people with sensitive skins as eco textiles tend to benefit people with sensitive skins such as babies, children, people prone to allergies, eczema and psoriasis.
Upcycled Fabrics - Eco fashion also uses upcycled materials such as wood, plastics or leftover fabrics to transform waste into clothes. By minimising waste, upycled fabrics have a lesser impact on the environment.
Tencel and Lenpur fabrics are made from wood. The wood pulp is turn into cellulose and then onto a soft and silky fibre. Tencel and Lenpur can be used on their on or blended with other fabrics.
Plastic Bottles can be recycled into fleece material which tends to be soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable.
Fabrics leftovers are also used to create new clothes and minimize waste.
Fairer Manufacturing
But eco fashion does not only benefit the environment and our health. With fair trading practices it enables disadvantaged communities to earn a decent living far away from sweatshops that plagues conventional fashion. Different schemes/certifications exist around the world to ensure a fairer deal and that no child labour is used.
Two-thirds of this cotton is produced in the developing world where it is often subsidised creating unfair trading conditions. World prices on cotton are unstable and falling prices affect poorer farmers who strive to survive.
The Fairtrade Foundation provides a certification for cotton which support the world's poorest cotton farmers ensuring they have been paid a fair price for their crop. It is not the finished fabric or item of clothing but cotton itself which is Fairtrade certified. Others such as Transfair certify both ends of the supply chain: farms and factories.
Eco fashion is fashion with a conscience. So if you care about the environment, fair trade and animal rights, then it is time to become an eco fashion victim.

by Annabelle Randles

Saturday, December 21, 2013

7 Speedy Suggestions To Learning How to Become a Fashion Model

Becoming a Fashion Model - Is It Possible for You?
Imagine standing beside your most admired model not because you won a contest but because you successfully made a path as a fashion model.
You can how to become a fashion model and get employment in the modeling business, enjoy electrifying and beneficial times, and be repaid with some of the most fitting bonuses given only to the top of the list candidates.
Touring and Modeling
It is amazing to travel around the world visiting mysterious places and meeting cool and beautiful people, those you see in magazines and flashing across the screen representing some of the most wanted brand names.
You can enjoy the same type of success with the right start. Here are several tips to help you reach your goals faster.
1. Think like a pro. It is quite ordinary for eager fashion models to have limited knowledge about professional model photography, designing and writing skills to present capabilities and talent in a way that provides direct appeal to potential clients. so, it's worth your time to compose your modeling portfolio pictures with the help of professionals who appreciate what it takes to get the first break.
2. The best models are adaptable and always open to try out new areas of fashion modeling. As an example, traveling is not an option, irrespective of language barriers and distance with the type of arrangement in place.
You just might have limitations in terms of expenses involved and obtainable resources at the start of your career.
Still, it should not stop you from trying out challenging local work. Employers and agencies will coach you how to become a fashion model.
These people are usually some of the better fashion modeling agents looking for new faces to carry out definite modeling requirements.
3. Sustain your figure and measurements through a lengthened period of time. Your professional portfolio states your stats and strengths required for fashion modeling. Height may not change, but the tendency to put on weight is not abnormal.
Maintain clear skin texture and assume a hairstyle that is not much different from photos presented by you in the original portfolio.
If called for, get some advice from a nutritionist and establish a real sense of fashion design and apparel styles through a friend.
4. Model agents are ready to train you in the skill of walking the runway, posing and managing your job assignments.
Nevertheless, women often become extroverts capable of posing and featuring themselves like a professional while in front of the camera lens.
5. Get found! It is vital to be accounted for at local fashion shows. Once you comply with main requirements in terms of what the agents want, it is just a matter of getting found with say a noted model at a local fashion show.
The media is prepared to click and give you the initial exposure wanted.
6. Make an interview with local management companies to find out if you have what it takes to start in a fashion modeling career. there's no margin of error, and you need to be prepared before you are exposed to the world of fashion.
The best agencies have the pull and contact to give you the initial push needed to succeed.
7. Above all, patience is needed to achieve that high level of success. You will learn how to become a fashion model one day. What is more important is to be able to get to the level of success you deserve.
It may take some time to be a model - it may never happen, but, once it does, a percentage of earnings through modeling should be put aside to learn additional skills through constant instruction.
Oh, be sure to have some fun in your new career field!

by Bob Pardue